Explanation of Fees

The following expenses are required of all students.  Tuition, University Services Fee, and Student Services are included in The Warrior Guarantee.  Other fees will apply based on specific circumstances.


Tuition for undergraduate and graduate students varies by semester credit hour (SCH) based on the tuition and fee plan selected by the student.  See the “Expenses” section for more information about the available tuition and fee plans.  Tuition also varies per SCH based on residency. See "Determination of Residence for Tuition Purposes” in this section for more information.

University Services Fee

This fee is charged to all students and pays for numerous services, such as the library, computer labs, classroom technology support, academic advising, administrative services, ID card services, and instructional support.

Student Services

This fee supports student services at A&M-Central Texas.  The maximum amount charged per semester is $237.60.

Certificate Fee

This is an application fee for students taking certification programs through graduate studies.

Certification Fee

The certification fee covers the required services for admission and compilation of your Texas Candidate Certification Record and to verify your credentials in pursuit of a Texas Educator Certification.

Course Fees

These fees are charged to cover the costs of materials and services directly associated with selected classroom or laboratory activities.

Distance Learning Fee

The fee of $80 per SCH is assessed for all online courses to provide web-based student services support.

Excessive Hours Fee

A fee of $100 per excess SCH is charged to students with excessive hours towards a degree program. Reference Texas Education Code § 54.014, which provides a limit on the number of hours an undergraduate Texas resident may attempt while paying in-state tuition.

Field Experience Fee

A fee of $75 per course is charged to all students who register for a student teaching, internship, field placement, or cooperative education course. This fee is used for costs directly associated with these courses.

Graduation Application Fee

This fee is due at the time the graduation application is submitted. This fee is used for costs directly related to graduation (diplomas, etc.). 

Graduation Application Late Fee

Students who do not apply for graduation by the appropriate deadline will be assessed a $20 late fee.


Students who sign up for the installment payment plan will be assessed a $20 processing fee.

International Student Program Fee

This is a fee assessed only to international students at a rate of $40 per semester, which funds expenses directly associated with the International Education Program.

Internship Fee

The internship fee provides the candidate a Field Supervisor and Mentor, as required by Texas Education Agency, in the pursuit of obtaining a Teacher Certification.  This fee is required every semester the candidate is enrolled in the Internship I or Internship II course.

Laboratory Fee

A fee of not less than $2 and not more than $30 for each laboratory course may be charged for materials and supplies.

Late Registration Fee

Students who do not register or make initial payments by the appropriate deadline will pay a $25 late fee.

Late Payment Fee

Students who make an installment payment after the due date will be charged a late payment fee of $20. Students who are delinquent more than five days may be prohibited from registering for classes and blocked from all university services.

Materials Fee

A fee may be added for specialized courses requiring supplies to supplement instructional activities.

Parking Fee

Students who wish to park a vehicle or motorcycle on A&M-Central Texas property must pay a parking fee of $30 for each regular semester and $10 for each summer semester.

Repeated Courses Fee (3-Peat)

An additional course fee will be charged at a rate of $100 per SCH to those students who attempt the same course for a third time since Fall 2002. This provision is described in the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Rules (Chapter 13, Subchapter B, § 13.25).

Testing Fee

A testing fee of $15 for first-time students will be assessed to support the Testing Center and other university testing services. It is charged at the time of first enrollment and covers all institutional testing in the Testing Center while the student is enrolled.

Reinstatement Fee

A student who is dropped from the rolls of the university will be charged a fee of $100 for reinstatement of their status as student.

Recreational Sports Fee

The recreational sports fee funds recreational and wellness initiatives and programs for students. The fee of $50 for summer and $100 for spring and fall will only be charged to individuals who are taking face-to-face courses and who have an assigned course that is designated to the main campus.

Transcript Fee

A fee of $3.00 is charged for transcript processing.  The first two transcripts are free.