Payment of Fees

All the aforementioned fees must be paid by the designated date stated on a student's bill. Student account information is available through Warrior Bill Pay via WarriorWeb, which features 24/7 access, E-bills, electronic refunding, online payment plan enrollment, and authorized user access. Payment due dates are also displayed in Warrior Bill Pay.

The following options are available for fee payment in regular fall and spring semesters:

  • OPTION 1. Payment in full by the designated date.
  • OPTION 2. Payment in four installments as follows:

Installment 1: 25% of charges by designated date;

Installment 2: 25% of charges by designated date;

Installment 3: 25% of charges by designated date;

Installment 4: 25% of charges by designated date.

Each student who elects option 2 must enroll in the payment plan through Warrior Bill Pay, via WarriorWeb. An installment agreement must be on file in the Business Office. Students who fail to make tuition and fee payments by the due date may be prohibited from registering for classes for succeeding semesters until the payment is made.  For short sessions, including summer, payment in full is due by the designated date.

Notice Concerning Check Payments

If a check accepted by the university is returned unpaid by the bank (including electronic check) on which it is drawn, the person presenting it will be required to pay a penalty of $30. If the check is not redeemed within 20 days after the date of the first notice, the student may be dropped from the rolls of the university and the check turned over to the County Attorney for collection.