Graduate Degree Plan Information

Degree Plan

A graduate student's degree plan includes those courses listed for degree credit on the official degree plan form. All courses on the approved degree plan must be completed with a satisfactory grade to meet requirements for the degree. Changes in an approved degree plan can be made only with a recommendation to the Director of Graduate Studies from the student's advisory committee or graduate coordinator and the chair of his/her major department.

Courses in which the student has received a final grade and that are listed for graduate credit on the approved degree plan may not normally be removed from the degree plan, although courses acceptable for graduate credit may be added. Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the student's advisory committee or graduate coordinator, chair of his/her major department or college dean, and the Director of Graduate Studies.

Degree Major

All degrees require a minimum of 18 semester hours be completed in the graduate student's major field, with the exception of the Master of Science Liberal Studies. The graduate major requires an undergraduate background of at least 24 semester credit hours, including 12 hours of advanced courses. However, graduate students who have taken 18 hours of advanced undergraduate education courses as a prerequisite for a teaching certificate may be admitted to a Master of Education degree program.  Exceptions to this requirement must be approved by the graduate coordinator and/or department chair.