Master of Business Administration

The M.B.A. program is designed to develop student leadership, decision-making, and critical-thinking abilities. Students are given opportunities to make decisions based on the critical evaluation of real-life situations. Graduate faculty members strive to prepare M.B.A. students for career opportunities and to compete in global business.

In an effort to aid in the successful completion of graduate business courses at A&M-Central Texas, students may be required to demonstrate prerequisite knowledge for certain courses prior to registration. At the initial advising appointment, students' faculty advisors will confirm which areas of leveling are needed in order to clear prerequisites that have been established for certain courses. Presently, some prerequisite knowledge is required in the following disciplines: Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, and Statistics. Prerequisite knowledge may be demonstrated through approved undergraduate coursework in that discipline or satisfactory completion of a required skills examination administered through a third-party provider, Ivy Software. Student should contact their advisor for specific leveling details.

Common Courses (24 Credits)

Courses that are common to all emphases may be applied to all. At least 36 hours are required for the degree.

Required Courses
ACCT 5303Accounting and Management3
CIS 5311Management Information Systems3
FIN 5307Financial Management3
BUSI 5310Business Research Methods3
BUSI 5359Business Strategy Seminar3
MKTG 5308Marketing Management3
MGMT 5301Organizational Behavior3
MGMT 5307Responsibilities and Ethics of Leadership3
BUSI 5090Business Comprehensive Examination0
Required Electives
Emphasis Requirements (See Below)12
Total Semester Credit Hours36

Without Emphasis

Required Electives
Approved graduate-level electives12
Total Semester Credit Hours12

Marketing Emphasis

MKTG 5310Integrated Marketing Communications3
MKTG 5312Brand Management3
MKTG 5315International Marketing3
Required Electives
Approved graduate-level elective3
Total Semester Credit Hours12

Management Emphasis

MGMT 5315International Management for Sustainability3
MGMT 5368Development & Change for Learning Organizations3
Graduate-level Management elective6
Total Semester Credit Hours12

International Business Emphasis

FIN 5301International Fin Strategy3
BUSI 5315International Business Law3
MGMT 5315International Management for Sustainability3
MKTG 5315International Marketing3
Total Semester Credit Hours12

Human Resource Management Emphasis

HRM 5303Managing Human Resource Development3
HRM 5305Human Resource Law3
HRM 5314Workforce Planning and Employment3
HRM 5316Compensation Management3
Total Semester Credit Hours12

Information Systems Emphasis

CIS 5307Advanced Systems Analysis and Design3
CIS 5304Data Communications for Managers3
CIS 5316Advanced Database Management3
Graduate-level Computer Information System elective3
Total Semester Credit Hours12

Health Administration Emphasis

HEAD 5311Health Administration and Strategy3
HEAD 5312Health Care Economics, Finance and Accounting3
HEAD 5313Health Policy and Law3
or HEAD 5314 Health Informatics and Trends
HEAD 5315Health Ethics and Residency3
Total Semester Credit Hours12

Course Information and Schedule

The Course Information page includes a complete list of courses and course descriptions. 

See the courses offered this semester using the Online Course Schedule.

Program Level Student Learning Outcomes 

  1. Demonstrate effective research and organizational skills for preparing for written or oral communications in the current business environment
  2. Demonstrate effective written communication skills appropriate for the current business environment
  3. Demonstrate effective oral communication skills appropriate for the current business environment
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of leadership principles necessary for the global business environment
  5. Demonstrate the effects of the global environment on business management and operations
  6. Demonstrate the ability to be an effective group member in a project
  7. Demonstrate proficiency in ethical decision-making through the generation of solutions for business-related problems or issues
  8. Demonstrate the ability to integrate the core knowledge into effective organizational decisions
  9. Demonstrate proficiency in analytical thinking through the research and analysis of business problems


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