MEd Higher Education Leadership

Common Course (Credits 30)

Courses that are common to all emphases may be applied to all. At least 30 hours are required for the degree.

Required Courses
HIED 5301History and Organization of Higher Education3
HIED 5302Planning and Resource Management in Higher Education3
HIED 5303Higher Education Law3
HIED 5304Student Development and the College Environment3
HIED 5305Research Methods in Higher Education3
HIED 5384Higher Education Internship I3
HIED 5385Higher Education Internship II3
HIED 5090Comprehensive Exam0
Emphasis Requirements (See Below)9
Total Semester Credit Hours30

Organizational Change Emphasis

HIED 5306Critical Issues in Higher Education3
HIED 5307Leading Change in Higher Education3
HIED 5308Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education3
Total Semester Credit Hours9

Technology-Enhanced Learning Emphasis

HIED 5309Introduction to Technology-Enhanced Learning3
HIED 5310Utilizing Technology in Course Design and Development3
HIED 5311Leadership and Administration in Technology-Enhanced Learning3
Total Semester Credit Hours9

Course Information and Schedule 

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 Program Level Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will develop a broad-based foundation in higher education history, organization, and administration.
  2. Students will select appropriate conceptual frameworks to guide their practice.
  3. Students will synthesize a leadership philosophy from both theory and practice.