M.S. Educational Psychology

M.S. Educational Psychology with Experimental Psychology Emphasis

Required Core Courses
PSYC 5300Behavioral Statistics3
PSYC 5301Research Methods3
PSYC 5304Human Development3
PSYC 5381Assessment and Evaluation Fundamentals3
Educational Psychology Required Courses
PSYC 5302Social Psychological Processes3
PSYC 5303Theories of Learning3
PSYC 5315Physiological Psychology3
PSYC 5316Advanced Quantitative Methods and Experimental Design3
PSYC 5320History and Systems3
PSYC 5321Evolutionary Psychology3
PSYC 5198Psychology Thesis6
Total Semester Credit Hours36

Course Information and Schedule

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Program Entry Requirements

Students will be admitted into the M.S. Educational Psychology program by the faculty once the application criteria are met. To be accepted into the M.S. Educational Psychology program, students must:

  • Programs of Psychology and Counseling Department Application

  • Timely submission of admission materials (as listed in current handbook)

Program-Level Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Compute and present descriptive and inferential statistical analysis of data.

  2. Write summaries of existing research that address all sections of APA style manuscripts.

  3. Write research reports in APA style.

  4. Identify and summarize relevant psychological theories and research in content areas of specialization.

  5. Analyze the limitations of existing research, articulate gaps in knowledge, and write a logical argument to justify position or project.

  6. Write research hypotheses or predictions for future research that are directly supported by existing empirical research.

  7. Develop and design a novel project supported by existing empirical research to address a problem, issue, or gap in knowledge.

  8. Integrate research results with existing research and theory in an area to draw conclusions supported by data.