M.S. Liberal Studies

Individuals in the Graduate Studies Program, together with individuals from the College of Arts and Sciences, serve as advisors to students seeking a Master of Science in Liberal Studies (M.S.L.S.). The M.S.L.S. is an interdisciplinary degree created for those who are seeking generalized graduate-level education with one or two concentration areas, and is designed for a wide spectrum of individuals.

LIBS 5300Interdisciplinarity3
LIBS 5310Interdisciplinary Methods3
LIBS 5398Interdisciplinary Capstone3
LIBS 5090Comprehensive Examination0
Graduate hours in the selected field of emphasis15
Additional Electives
Graduate hours outside the emphasis area12
Total Semester Credit Hours36

Course Information and Schedule 

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Program Level Student Learning Outcomes 

  1. Locate scholarly arguments within the disciplinary concerns that define them.

  2. Examine one's own scholarly interests within some established or still developing sets of methodologies and scholarship.

  3. Combine and integrate the theories and methodologies from multiple disciplines. Combine and, when appropriate, integrate the theories and methodologies from multiple disciplines into one project. 

  4. Evaluate intellectual questions against a set of contexts including, but not limited to, political, historical, material, cultural, racial, ethical, national, and geographic contexts.

  5. Author original research that exhibits the advanced critical-thinking and communication skills necessary for effective professional and other social or cultural contexts.

  6. Develop habits of critical inquiry that include self-direction and self-reflection.


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