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Course Information

Explanation of Catalog Course Descriptions

In this catalog, each course is identified by a three-digit number. The first digit of each number indicates the level or academic year that the course is normally taken (1XX - freshman, 2XX - sophomore, 3XX - junior, 4XX - senior, 5XX - graduate, 6XX - doctoral). The second and third digits indicate departmental sequence. For example, ENGL 111 is a freshman course.

In course descriptions, the digit following the course number is the number of semester credit hours. For example, ENGL 111-3 is a freshman level course worth 3 semester hours of credit. The numbers in parentheses following the course number (for example, 3-2) indicate the number of clock hours per week devoted to theory and practice, respectively. Theory includes recitations and lectures; practice includes work in the laboratory, shop, drawing room, or field. WI indicates that sections of this course will be offered as writing intensive. Course descriptions include information about course content and learning objectives. Prerequisites and lab or other fees for the course may be listed.