Degree Plan Information

All newly admitted undergraduate students must file a Degree Acknowledgement Form (DAF) before registration. Initial degree plans are filed during the student’s first academic advising meeting after admission to the university. Once the DAF has been completed by the advisor, the advising hold will be lifted and the student can register for classes.

A degree plan revised by a student after the census date for a term will be updated effective the subsequent term.

  1. MAJOR
    1. A minimum of 24 semester credit hours (SCH) within the field is required for a major, of which at least 12 SCH must be in upper-level courses.
    2. A double major requires that a degree plan be filed for each major.
  2. MINOR
    1. A minor is an organized curriculum that is offered as part of a baccalaureate degree plan and enhances or complements the degree to be awarded in a manner that leads to specific educational or occupational goals. A minor in a baccalaureate degree consists of at least 18 SCH, of which at least 6 hours must be at the junior- or senior-level. Some minors require specific coursework. Please refer to the “Minors” section of the catalog for more information.

    2. Sociology requires the declaration of a minor; for all other undergraduate programs, the selection of a minor is optional. Certain baccalaureate degree plans have restrictions as to which minors may be pursued or whether a minor may be pursued at all. If a minor is desired, it must be declared on the DAF. A student may declare no more than two minors.

  3. DEVELOPMENTAL/REMEDIAL COURSES needed as preparation for college-level coursework cannot be applied as degree plan contents.
    1. All baccalaureate degrees require a minimum of 120 SCH. If a student declares two majors in the same degree (e.g., B.S. Psychology and B.S. Sociology) all requirements for both programs must be fulfilled, though the minimum remains 120 SCH. Students who declare two degrees (e.g., B.A. English and B.S. Psychology) must fulfill all degree requirements for both programs and complete a minimum of 150 SCH.

    2. Students who are pursuing a second baccalaureate degree (including those whose first degree is from A&M-Central Texas) must complete all requirements for the second degree, including a minimum of 30 additional SCH.

    3. All baccalaureate degrees require a minimum of 45 SCH of upper-level credit hours, except for the B.A.A.S. Business Management (42 credit hours) and B.S.N. (30 credit hours) programs.

    1. A student may count not more than 6 SCH of physical education credits toward their degree.