Grade Forgiveness

An undergraduate student enrolled at A&M-Central Texas may choose to exercise the following forgiveness option:

  • Grades received for any one entire semester of coursework taken at A&M-Central Texas more than five (5) years before a student’s current enrollment at A&M-Central Texas may be excluded for computation in the total grade point average (GPA) if the student files a request with the Provost/Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs. This option may be exercised one time only.

When a student has exercised the forgiveness option, grades for the semester selected by the student will be deleted in computing the total institution GPA. All courses and grades will continue to appear on the student’s transcript.  These courses and grades will be counted toward restrictions in total number of withdrawals, as well as calculations of fees for repeated courses and fees resulting from excess hours beyond the degree, etc. In applying the option, all grades from the chosen semester are deleted from the GPA, not just low or failing grades. Also, no classes taken in the semester being forgiven may be counted on the student’s degree plan. A student seeking to exercise this option must be enrolled at A&M-Central Texas at the time he/she requests the forgiveness option. Please note that the Tarleton State University coursework taken at the Killeen campus that can be considered for this forgiveness option must have been taken between September 1, 2009 and December 31, 2012.