B.A. Political Science

General Education Requirements 1
ENGL 1301Composition I3
ENGL 1302Composition II3
Select three hours of Mathematics3
Natural Sciences-030
Select six hours of Natural Sciences6
Select three hours of Humanities3
Creative Arts-050
Select three hours of Creative Arts 3
U.S. History-060
HIST 1301United States History I3
HIST 1302United States History II3
GOVT 2305Federal Government3
GOVT 2306Texas Government3
Social and Behavioral Sciences-080
HIST 2311Western Civilization I3
University Option-090
HIST 2312Western Civilization II3
Select one of the following
SPCH 1311Introduction to Speech Communication3
or SPCH 1315 Public Speaking
or SPCH 1321 Business & Professional Communication
Language requirements 2
LANG 1411Foreign Language I4
LANG 1412Foreign Language II4
LANG 2311Intermediate Language I3
LANG 2312Intermediate Language II3
Major Requirements
Select one of the following
POLI 3302Elections and Political Parties3
or POLI 3303 Comparative State and Local Government
or POLI 3304 The Executive Branch
or POLI 3305 Legislation
or POLI 3307 Public Administration
or POLI 4301 Constitutional Law I
or POLI 4302 Constitutional Law II
or POLI 4380 Administration of Justice
Select one of the following
POLI 3301Political Economy of Globalization3
or POLI 3306 Political Economy
or POLI 3308 International Politics
or POLI 4305 Comparative Government and Politics
or POLI 4316 Conflict Studies
or POLI 4317 Peace Studies
POLI 4340Political Ethics3
POLI 4341Freedom and Authority3
POLI 4395Political Science Capstone 33
Political Science Electives
Upper level Political Science electives12
Additional Electives
Any level electives19
Upper level electives18
Total Semester Credit Hours120

Refer to General Education Core Requirements for more information.


All 14 hours must be from the same language; CLEP, Defense Language Certification.


Should be taken during Spring semester.

Course Information and Schedule

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Program Level Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the definitions, concepts, and theories of political science.

  2. Demonstrate advanced knowledge in the study of normative political theory (political philosophy).

  3. Use electronic databases for research.

  4. Demonstrate appropriate style and grammar and develop appropriate discipline-specific research skills.