Course Information

Explanation of Catalog Course Descriptions

Courses in this catalog are identified by a three- or four-letter subject code followed by a four-digit number. The first digit of the course number indicates the level or academic year of the course (1XXX - freshman, 2XXX - sophomore, 3XXX - junior, 4XXX - senior, 5XXX - master's, 6XXX - doctoral, and 7XXX - professional). The second digit indicates the semester credit hour value of the course. The third and fourth digits indicate the departmental sequence of the course. For example, ENGL 1311 is a freshman-level English course worth three semester credit hours.

Course titles follow course identifiers.

Course descriptions include information about course content and learning objectives.

Courses offered with writing instructive sections include (WI) at the beginning of the course description.

Fees specific to a course are included in the course description (i.e., lab fees).

Prerequisites are listed at the end of each course description.