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Health Administration Certification

HAMK 511Health Admin. & Strategy3
HAMK 512Health Eco, Fin and Accounting3
HAMK 513Health Policy and Law3
HAMK 514Health Informatics and Trends3
HAMK 515Health Ethics and Residency3
Total Semester Credit Hours15

HAMK 511. Health Admin. & Strategy. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

This course provides the foundation for strategically leading the complex industry of health organizations. Theoretical frameworks and empirical analyses are used to emphasize the health services administrator's role in health care. The course demonstrates how health administrators help both the providers and recipients of health care. A focal point is to create a deep understanding of competitive advantage in the market and in government operations.

HAMK 512. Health Eco, Fin and Accounting. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

This course provides for the highest cognitive and affective understanding of applied health care, economics, finance and accounting in health services organization. Theoretical frameworks and empirical analyses will be used to emphasize organizational and provider services. These services will be assessed in relation to capacities and competencies within the health care industry and patient/client needs and wants.

HAMK 513. Health Policy and Law. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

Focuses on the current policy and future political ideology as both impact care in health organizations. A clinical framework is used to present issued and policy outcomes. It also examines the basic principles and practices of law affecting health facilities and medical practice, patient care and treatment, and medical and health employment.

HAMK 514. Health Informatics and Trends. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

This is a survey of the Management Information Systems (MIS) needs in health care organizations. An introduction is presented on the hardware, software, and human systems requirements for operational support. The course provides a foundation for those individuals who are interested in becoming certified as computer systems managers in health care organizations.

HAMK 515. Health Ethics and Residency. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

The historical, present and future ethical issues in health administration are examined. Specific domains covered and decision ethics, clinical ethics, business ethics, organizational ethics and social ethics.

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