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MS Management and Leadership

The primary mission of the Management and Leadership degree program is to develop the student’s critical thinking, problem solving, and life-long learning skills necessary to manage and lead organizations.

The A&M-Central Texas Master of Science degree in Management and Leadership is designed for busy adults who want to improve their knowledge, abilities, and skills in management.  The 36-hour program focuses on one of the most challenging responsibilities for management today – leading change.  Students gain knowledge and skills that are applicable in business, the military, government organizations, and private non-for-profit organizations.

This program is suited for students who want:

  • To deepen their understanding of how organizations function;
  • To increase their academic credentials;
  • To increase their understanding of how to design and implement change within an organization;
  • To acquire the requisite 18 hours of graduate course work needed to teach at the undergraduate level; and
  • To acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to help organizations through internal or external consulting

Dedicated faculty, focus on teaching and scholarly activities.  At the same time, faculty pride themselves in giving students personal attention and easy access.  Students are the reason the faculty are here.

Required Courses
G BK 510Business Research Methods3
MGTK 501Organizational Behavior3
MGTK 507Resp and Ethics of Leadership3
MGTK 508Analysis & Design of Orgs3
MGTK 509Seminar on Mgmt & Leadership3
MGTK 510Leadership Development3
MGTK 511Managing Operations & Service3
MGTK 515International Management3
MGTK 520Negotiations3
MGTK 568Org Development and Change3
MGTK 577Comprehensive Exam0
Approved Electives
Approved graduate level electives6
Total Semester Credit Hours36

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Required Courses

G BK 510. Business Research Methods. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

Nature, scope, and significance of business research and research methodology; primary research methods with applications to specific problems, place of quantitative methods in research and individual investigation and report on current problems in student's field of interest. Prerequisite(s): G BK 500 or approved leveling in statistics.

MGTK 501. Organizational Behavior. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

Behavioral theory in organizational context. A study of individual and group dynamics in the business environment. Specific emphasis is given to leadership, motivation, communication, employee supervision, and morale. Prerequisite(s): Management leveling.

MGTK 507. Resp and Ethics of Leadership. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

An examination of an organization’s social and environmental responsibilities to its employees, customers, and other key stakeholder groups. Practical emphasis is given to the case study method for evaluating the performance of various organizations. Establishes a theoretical framework for understanding ethics, principles and values of leadership as they affect the organization, the organizational environment and society. Prerequisite(s): Management Leveling.

MGTK 508. Analysis & Design of Orgs. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

Examines theories, processes and “fit” models of organization design. Emphasizes alignment of structure, technology, information systems, reward systems, people and culture, and management processes with organizational goals. Compares and contrasts the flexible, adaptive learning organization with the traditional centralized, standardized, and formalized organization. Prerequisite(s): MGTK 501.

MGTK 509. Seminar on Mgmt & Leadership. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

Examines and explores the distinctions between management and leadership. Emphasis is on the case study method for examining the applications of leadership principles and theoretical models to varied organizational situations. This course focuses on developing leaders who can effectively deal with the rapidly changing leadership challenges that modern organizations face. MS, Management students must take this course as their integrating capstone course having completed or be concurrently completing the core courses for the program. Prerequisite(s): MGTK 501, MGTK 508, & MGTK 568 or instructor approval.

MGTK 511. Managing Operations & Service. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

A study of concepts, models and methods used to effectively manage the manufacturing and/or service operations of for-profit and not–for-profit organizations. Emphasis will be placed on the design and use of cross-functional operations planning, control, and support systems. Topics of contemporary relevance will be examined to include supply chain management, enterprise resource planning, time-based competition, and quality improvement. Prerequisite(s): Management and statistics leveling.

MGTK 510. Leadership Development. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

Leadership is explored through the process of developing oneself as a leader while developing followers. Emphasis is placed upon learning the skills necessary to lead through the ethical use of influence in order to achieve organizational strategic goals. Prerequisite(s): Management leveling.

MGTK 515. International Management. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

This course will focus on the cultural aspects of managing organizations. Research, synthesis, and presentation of current and seminal research on the subject of global business cultures and their management will be dominant components. Cross-cultural issues and their impact on leadership and organizational performance will also be addressed. Prerequisite(s): Management leveling.

MGTK 520. Negotiations. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

The course will cover such topics as distributive negotiation, integrative negotiation, biases and pitfalls in negotiation, building trust, developing a negotiation style, power, persuasion, ethics, creativity and problem solving. The course will be evenly split between theoretical lecture/discussion and practical application/skill development, including in-class role plays and practice “on the street.” A materials fee of $40 is required for needed course materials.

MGTK 568. Org Development and Change. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

Study, research and analysis of pro-active strategies for organizational change using the theories and techniques of applied behavioral science. Examines the phases of consulting, strategies, intervention decisions and actions, multiple roles, skills and phases of internal and external consultants, ethical dilemmas and guidelines and the implementation of action research. A complete, step-by-step, intervention strategy is developed during this course. Prerequisite(s): MGTK 501.

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