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MEd Curriculum & Instruction-Elementary Education

Required Core Courses
EDUK 500Foundations and History of Education3
EDUK 502Cultural Div Schools & Comm3
EDUK 538Curr Design and Impl3
EDUK 545Advanced Instructional Strategies for Diverse Learners3
EDUK 598Techniques of Research3
EDUK 588Thesis (Option)0-6
EDUK 577Comprehensive Exam (Non-Thesis Option)0
EDTK 549Educational Media and Tech3
EDUK 550Assessment Iss Educ Leaders3
RDGK 574Reading Res and Materials3
RDGK 575Reading Res and Assessment3
EDUK 512Sem In Lang and Soc Stu3
or EDUK 522 Teach Math and Science
Total Semester Credit Hours30-36

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Required Courses

EDUK 500. Foundations and History of Education. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

This course examines the history of education in the United States through a study of the philosophical, historical, psychological and social foundations of curriculum. Emphasis is on the development of a philosophy of education and critical thinking about issues in education. Students must complete this course within the first twelve semester hour of graduate study.

EDUK 502. Cultural Div Schools & Comm. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

An examination of various dimensions of culture related to teaching, learning, and support services in the community. Topics of study will include ethnicity, socio-economic status, language, gender, religion, age, and exceptionality.

EDUK 538. Curr Design and Impl. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

The curriculum selection, design, implementation, and evaluation processes within the classroom and school district settings are examined. Factors that influence the curriculum decision-making process and a review of theories of curriculum development will be researched. Curriculum alignment and curriculum auditing will be major emphases of this course.

EDUK 545. Advanced Instructional Strategies for Diverse Learners. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

The derivation of appropriate methods and techniques from basic principles of learning. The development of working skills needed in cooperative planning, selecting, and organizing teaching materials, utilization of the environment, individual and group guidance, and evaluation activities.

EDUK 598. Techniques of Research. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

Fundamental concepts and tools of research applied to psychological and educational problems. Rationale of research, analysis of problems, library skills, sampling, appraisal instruments, statistical description and inference, writing the research report, and representative research designs.

EDUK 588. Thesis. 1-6 Semester Credit Hours.

Scheduled when the student is ready to begin the thesis. No credit until the thesis is completed. Prerequisite(s): Completion of all other coursework required for the degree and consent of the major professor or approval of the department chair.

EDTK 549. Educational Media and Tech. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

This course provides an examination of the role of technology in school settings and an exploration of available technologies and the applications for instruction. Focus is on Web 2.0 applications for communication and collaboration that expand and extend learning environments.

EDUK 550. Assessment Iss Educ Leaders. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

The examination of assessment as a process with emphasis on assessment of student achievement and on data interpretation for the purpose of improving instruction.

RDGK 574. Reading Res and Materials. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

Surveys a variety of print and non-print materials including content-area textbooks, trade books, and computer software. Includes evaluation of materials and application of reading principles to instruction in content areas. Prerequisite(s): RDGK 573 or 9 hours of undergraduate reading courses or approval of the department chair.

RDGK 575. Reading Res and Assessment. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

Examines methods and techniques employed in reading research and assessment. Includes a review of research and the development, implementation, and dissemination of classroom research. Explores the application of appropriate diagnostic and correctional procedures for elementary, secondary, and adult learners having difficulty reading. Includes clinical practice. Prerequisite(s): RDGK 573 or 9 hours of undergraduate reading courses or approval of the department chair.

EDUK 512. Sem In Lang and Soc Stu. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

An integrated approach to teaching Social Studies through the application of the writing process, reading/writing connections, and children's literature. Prerequisite(s): 18 hours of professional education course work.

EDUK 522. Teach Math and Science. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

An advanced study of methods and materials for the teaching of math and science. Emphasis will be on helping teachers become more effective in teaching math and science by developing questions, investigations, speculations, and explorations that reflect not only the content of each area of study, but the process involved in learning.

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