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MEd Curriculum & Instruction-Secondary Education w/ Certificate

EDUK 500Foundations and History of Education3
EDUK 596Internship II3
EDUK 598Techniques of Research3
EDUK 577Comprehensive Exam0
Selected Graduate Content Area or Curriculum & Instruction courses9
EDUK 511Methods of Effective Teaching3
ESPK 505Introduction to Exceptional Learners3
EDUK 514Creating and Managing Lear Env3
RDGK 570Literacy Development3
EDUK 599Internship in Teaching3
EDUK 545Advanced Instructional Strategies for Diverse Learners3
Total Semester Credit Hours36

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Required Courses

EDUK 538. Curr Design and Impl. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

The curriculum selection, design, implementation, and evaluation processes within the classroom and school district settings are examined. Factors that influence the curriculum decision-making process and a review of theories of curriculum development will be researched. Curriculum alignment and curriculum auditing will be major emphases of this course.

EDUK 598. Techniques of Research. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

Fundamental concepts and tools of research applied to psychological and educational problems. Rationale of research, analysis of problems, library skills, sampling, appraisal instruments, statistical description and inference, writing the research report, and representative research designs.

EDUK 511. Methods of Effective Teaching. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

A study of the research on effective teaching practices with an emphasis on direct instruction. Additional topics of study include mastery learning, assessment of learning and use of assessment to guide instruction. Students will apply technology and effective teaching practices to the design and delivery of instruction. Technology lab is required.

ESPK 505. Introduction to Exceptional Learners. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

A survey of learner characteristics and an examination of instructional techniques that promote academic, personal, and social growth in exceptional learners and an examination of the process and procedures relating to the placement of exceptional learners. Prerequisite(s): 18 hours of professional education, certification, or admission to the graduate teacher certification program at.

EDUK 514. Creating and Managing Lear Env. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

A study of the research on creating and maintaining a positive learning environment. Additional topics for study include: cultural dimensions of classroom management; motivating student achievement; fostering cooperation among students; reinforcing appropriate behavior; ethics and law governing teacher-student relations. Students will apply teaching and classroom management practices in a clinical laboratory setting.

RDGK 570. Literacy Development. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

Models of the reading and writing processes. Includes characteristics of emergent, early, transitional and fluent literacy; instructional strategies in reading and writing; phonics instruction and strategies for teaching English language learners; the essential knowledge and skills in the language arts curriculum. Prerequisite(s): admission to the teacher certification program.

EDUK 599. Internship in Teaching. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

A supervised field-based experience in classroom teaching. Interns must demonstrate proficiency in applying effective teaching practices and classroom management strategies in a school classroom. Prerequisite(s): admission to a teacher certification program; satisfactory performance in the professional development courses preceding the internship. May be repeated for credit. Field experience fee $75.

EDUK 545. Advanced Instructional Strategies for Diverse Learners. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

The derivation of appropriate methods and techniques from basic principles of learning. The development of working skills needed in cooperative planning, selecting, and organizing teaching materials, utilization of the environment, individual and group guidance, and evaluation activities.

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