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SSP School Psychology

Required Core Courses
CPSK 553Per & Counseling Theory & Appl3
PSYK 500Behavioral Statistics3
PSYK 501Research Methods3
PSYK 504Human Development3
PSYK 560Found of School Psychology3
PSYK 581Assessment and Evaluation Fund3
Educational Psychology Required Courses
PSYK 502Social Psychological Processes3
PSYK 503Theories Of Learning3
PSYK 505Practicum I: Field Exp3
PSYK 511Culture, Minority, Gender Iss3
PSYK 514Assess Intell And Achievement3
PSYK 515Physiological Psychology3
PSYK 580Personality Social Assess3
PSYK 582Behavior Mgmt And Therapy3
PSYK 583Consultation & Supervision3
PSYK 595Internship I3
PSYK 596Internship II3
CPSK 557Methods & Prac in Cnsl and Psy3
CPSK 558Cnsl Persp on Psychopathology3
or ESPK 505 Introduction to Exceptional Learners
EDUK 538Curr Design and Impl3
EDAK 510Special Education Law3
Optional Elective
PSYK 588Thesis (option)6
PSYK 577Comprehensive Exam0
Total Semester Credit Hours63-69

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Required Courses

CPSK 553. Per & Counseling Theory & Appl. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

Surveys and investigates personality and counseling theories with an emphasis on how theories influence practice. Special emphasis on applications to various populations. Includes role plays and other experiential methods. Videotaped counseling sessions are critiqued. Covers related ethical concerns. Prerequisite(s): CPSK 550 or approval of department chair.

PSYK 500. Behavioral Statistics. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

Review of descriptive statistics with emphasis on inferential statistics. Includes correlation, one-way and two-way analysis of variance, regression analysis and experimental design. Use of computer software with emphasis on experience with SPSS. Prerequisite(s): undergraduate statistics recommended.

PSYK 501. Research Methods. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

A study of the scientific method of research, types of research and research design. Students are required to review, analyze and interpret research findings in their major field and develop a research project with the assistance of their instructor. This course should be taken after the completion of 12 graduate semester hours. Prerequisite(s): PSYK 500 or equivalent graduate statistics course.

PSYK 504. Human Development. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

A lifespan survey of the development of human beings from conception to death. Topics included will be research and theory into physical, cognitive, social, and personality development in each of the different age groups: prenatal, infancy, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.

PSYK 560. Found of School Psychology. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

Introduces the foundations, professional standards, ethics, and laws related to the delivery of school psychological services. Prerequisite(s): admission to graduate school or approval of Department Chair.

PSYK 581. Assessment and Evaluation Fund. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

Examines the nature and development of standardized tests, with emphasis on ethical standards, psychometric theory, test standards, and test construction. Selection criteria and utilization of standardized or other instruments in various environments are considered. Includes evaluations and critiques of published tests and experiential exposure to different types of psychological tests. Prerequisite(s): Admission to the Graduate School.

PSYK 502. Social Psychological Processes. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

An in-depth examination of the individual in a social and cultural context. Topics include: the behavior of groups, the roles of individuals within groups, and the influence of groups on an individual’s perceptions, attitudes, emotions, and behavior. Major theories and supporting research are covered. Includes a selected emphasis on specific topics, with individual or team projects and/or original research.

PSYK 503. Theories Of Learning. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

Study of major theories of learning, factors which influence the process of learning, and application of these theories and processes to general and special populations. Prerequisite(s): Admission to Graduate School or approval of the department chair.

PSYK 505. Practicum I: Field Exp. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

Provides supervised experience in settings such as marriage and family, mental health, and/or counseling and guidance placements outside the University. The field experience will consist of 150 clock hours with 100 client contact hours. Prerequisite(s): CPSK 550, CPSK 553, CPSK 554, CPSK 557, CPSK 558 (or CPSK 551), and PSYK 581 for LPC and LPA; CPSK 550, CPSK 509, CPSK 553, CPSK 556, CPSK 557 for LMFT; PSYK 560, PSYK 581, PSYK 582, CPSK 553, CPSK 557, CPSK 558 for LSSP; 3.0 GPA; and consent of the Department Chair. Field experience fee $75.

PSYK 511. Culture, Minority, Gender Iss. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

Study of interaction of social/cultural groups in America, problems of minorities and ethnic groups, problems related to gender and age, problems within family systems and contemporary sources of positive change.

PSYK 514. Assess Intell And Achievement. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

Introduces the selection, administration, and interpretation of selected tests used in the individual measurement of intelligence. Prerequisite(s): CPSK 558 and PSYK 581, or approval of the department chair. Field experience fee $75.

PSYK 515. Physiological Psychology. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

An examination of the biological basis of behavior with an emphasis on the structure and biochemistry of the human nervous system. Includes an exploration of the interactive relationships between biological processes, psychopharmacology, genetics, neurological disorders, normal growth and maturation, perception, memory, emotion, stress, mental disorders, consciousness, and communication. Contemporary theories and research are investigated and critiqued.

PSYK 580. Personality Social Assess. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

Instruction and supervision in the assessment of emotional, motivational, interpersonal, and attitudinal characteristics of children and adults. Includes the administration, scoring, and interpretation of many widely-used tests. Prerequisite(s): CPSK 558 and PSYK 581, or approval of the department chair.

PSYK 582. Behavior Mgmt And Therapy. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

Examines basic theories of human learning, major approaches to behavior management and therapy and principles of applied behavior analysis. Formal treatment planning application and evaluation of programs for management of specific behavioral/psychological problems. Includes case review and practice in individual interventions.

PSYK 583. Consultation & Supervision. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

Introduces the application of psychological principles of consultation and supervision in selected settings. Emphasis is on analysis of client and consultee/supervisor behaviors, individual and group communications, program evaluation and possible intervention options in selected environments. Prerequisite(s): CPSK 550 or PSYK 560, and CPSK 553, or approval of the department chair.

PSYK 595. Internship I. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

Supervised professional activities in psychology. Major emphasis is placed on the student’s involvement in successful practices in the area of interest. Students must have met all academic and professional standards of practice before placement. Lab experiences are included. Prerequisite(s): Completion of all course work required by the degree and application for internship. Field experience fee $75.

PSYK 596. Internship II. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

Continued supervised experience of professional activities in psychology in the student’s area of interest. Major emphasis is placed on the integration of theoretical and conceptual principles, as well as professional and personal skill development. Prerequisite(s): PSYK 595 and application for internship. Field experience fee $75.

CPSK 557. Methods & Prac in Cnsl and Psy. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

The course is designed to introduce Counseling and Psychology pre-interns to methodology that goes beyond building basic counseling skills and techniques. The course will also teach students the basics of professional documentation and treatment planning. It will also include legal issues related to counseling and psychological services and introduce basic business practices. Prerequisite(s): CPSK 550 or PSYK 560 or approval of department chair.

CPSK 558. Cnsl Persp on Psychopathology. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

An overview of psychopathology that includes the history of abnormal behavior and an in-depth study of the specific diagnostic psychological disorders. Emphasis will be on classification systems currently used in clinical settings and treatment alternatives from a counseling perspective. Covers related ethical concerns. Prerequisite(s): CPSK 550 or approval of department chair.

ESPK 505. Introduction to Exceptional Learners. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

A survey of learner characteristics and an examination of instructional techniques that promote academic, personal, and social growth in exceptional learners and an examination of the process and procedures relating to the placement of exceptional learners. Prerequisite(s): 18 hours of professional education, certification, or admission to the graduate teacher certification program at.

EDUK 538. Curr Design and Impl. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

The curriculum selection, design, implementation, and evaluation processes within the classroom and school district settings are examined. Factors that influence the curriculum decision-making process and a review of theories of curriculum development will be researched. Curriculum alignment and curriculum auditing will be major emphases of this course.

EDAK 510. Special Education Law. 3 Semester Credit Hours.

Legal framework for special education in the United States; consideration of federal constitutional provisions, federal and state statutes, federal and state judicial decisions and rules and regulations for the various federal and state agencies which affect special education.

PSYK 588. Thesis. 1-6 Semester Credit Hours.

An independent research course in which a student proposes and completes an original, quantitative research project in conjunction with three graduate faculty members who serve on the thesis committee. Scheduled when the student is ready to begin thesis. No credit awarded until proposal and thesis are approved, respectively. Six hours of thesis credit is required. Prerequisite(s): PSYK 500 and PSYK 501 and successful completion of 12 additional credit hours in the degree plan and approval of the Chair of the thesis committee, or Department Chair approval.

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