Tuition and Mandatory Fee Rate Plans

A&M-Central Texas has a guaranteed tuition and mandatory fee plan (The Warrior Guarantee), which allows our students to effectively plan for the cost of their education. In addition, we offer a Variable Rate Plan.  The Variable Rate Plan is effective for one academic year only.  

Which Plan Should You Choose?

Incoming students will need to decide which plan best meets their financial needs. The following discussion provides more information about each of the plans to aid in the decision-making process. The specific dollar amounts for all plans can be found at the following link: https://www.tamuct.edu/business-office/tuition-fees.html

The Variable Rate Tuition Plan

Under the Variable Rate Tuition Plan, tuition and fee rates are established for an academic year and are subject to increase or decrease based on economic conditions, Board of Regents' action, and/or legislative requirements. This plan is best suited for those students who plan to enroll and graduate within the same academic year.

The Warrior Guarantee

Students opting into The Warrior Guarantee will be assigned to a cohort that guarantees a defined tuition and fee rate that will not change for three consecutive years (nine consecutive semesters).

  • Students who exceed the specified number of consecutive semesters allowed for degree completion for a specific cohort will be assessed tuition and fees at the approved rate for a similar cohort in the subsequent academic year.
  • Students unable to enroll due to special circumstances—such as military deployment or medical emergencies—may request an extension equivalent to the number of semesters missed due to their special circumstance.

All undergraduate students, regardless of residency, are eligible for our bonus tuition option, which caps tuition charges at 12 semester credit hours (SCH). In other words, if a student chooses to take more than 12 SCH in a semester, the charge for tuition and mandatory fees will equal the charge for 12 SCH. This is our "Bachelor's Bonus," allowing you to take more hours for less!

For further information on the estimated cost of tuition & fees visit: https://www.tamuct.edu/business-office/tuition-fees.html