Academic Appeals Procedure

Student academic appeals are handled according to the following guidelines. Extenuating circumstances may cause the University to deviate from the defined time frames. Any question of interpretation or application of this procedure shall be referred to the Office of the Provost. Please visit for the detailed and most recent copy of these procedures.

  1. A student who wishes to appeal the decision of a faculty member (respondent) should request a review by that faculty member within 30 calendar days of the originating event. The respondent is expected to give the student a written response within 15 calendar days.
  2. If the respondent is unavailable, if a response is not made within 15 calendar days, or if the student is dissatisfied with the response and wishes to appeal a faculty member's decision, the student must inform the department chair in writing of the intent to appeal within 60 calendar days of the originating event. In the case of a grade appeal, the original grade will stand in the student’s university record until the appeals decision is reached.  The written appeal must include the following:
    1. Name, address, email, telephone number, and Warrior Identification Number;
    2. Date of alleged action against the student;
    3. Name of faculty member involved in the action;
    4. Nature of disciplinary action and copy of applicable materials;
    5. Circumstances which merit review; and
    6. Signature of student and date submitted.
  3. The department chair is expected to give a written response within 15 calendar days of the filed appeal.
  4. A student dissatisfied with the department chair's decision may appeal in writing to the college’s Academic Appeals Committee within 15 calendar days of receiving notification of the decision from the department chair. The minimum standard for each college's Academic Appeals Committee is three faculty members; each college is responsible for developing a specific and nonbiased committee structure. After considering all aspects of the incident, the committee may decide that no further review is justified, or it may render a recommendation to the academic dean. The decision of the academic dean is final and will be communicated to the student in writing.