Academic Appeals Procedure

A student’s final course grade is based upon the grading policies, procedures, and criteria stated in the course syllabus distributed at the beginning of the semester by the course instructor.  The syllabus shall include the basis for calculation of grades, including weights as applicable for tests, laboratory assignments, field study work, projects, papers, homework, class attendance and participation and other graded activities.  

Normally a student’s concern over a final course grade can be handled informally between the student and the instructor of the course.  If the issue cannot be satisfactorily resolved between the student and the instructor, then the student may request a grade appeal using the procedure outlined below. 

 The original grade will stand in the student’s university record until the appeals process is concluded.   

1.       A final grade can only be appealed under one or more the following conditions:

a.       A clerical/computational error was made in
          calculating/reporting the grade.

b.      The grading decision was made on some basis other than academic
         performance and other than as a penalty for academic

c.       The grading procedure employed was arbitrary and departed
          substantially from accepted academic norms or is at
          variance with the course syllabus.

d.      The grade was not determined using the same process applied to
          other students in the course.

2.       A student who wishes to appeal a final course grade must submit a written grade appeal request to the course faculty member at their official university email address within 30 calendar days of the date that final course grades were posted. The written appeal must contain all of the information necessary to render a decision.  The written grade appeal must include the following information:

a.       Student name, address, student’s university email,
          telephone number, and Warrior Identification Number

b.      Course name, CRN, prefix/number and semester/year class taken

c.       Name of faculty member assigned to the course

d.      A clear statement of the grade change being requested and
         the justification for the request

e.      Attach additional evidence that supports the grade appeal. 
         This may include items such as personal grade records, copies of
          graded work, email communication with the faculty member, or
          comparisons of own work to the work of other students.

3.       The faculty member is expected to provide the student a written decision (by the student’s university email or by certified mail) within 20 business days.  If the student is dissatisfied with the decision or does not receive a response from the faculty member within 20 business days, the student may submit the grade appeal to the department chair.  In the rare case that there is not a department chair or if the faculty member is the department chair, then the written appeal should be sent directly to the dean of the college.  The student has five business days to submit the apeal.

4.       The department chair is expected to provide the student a written decision (by student’s university email or by certified mail) within 10 business days.

5.       A student dissatisfied with the department chair's decision may submit the appeal in writing to the college’s dean.  The student has five business days to submit the appeal.The college dean will give the grade appeal to the College Academic Appeals Committee for review.  The Academic Appeals Committee consists of three faculty members from the college; each college is responsible for developing a specific and unbiased committee structure.  After considering all aspects of the incident, the committee will render a recommendation to the academic dean. The decision of the academic dean is final and will be communicated to the student in writing within 20 business days.

A request for deviating from the grade appeal timeline must be approved by the dean of the college and the student must be notified in writing of the change in appeal timeline.

Any question of interpretation or application of the Academic Grade Appeals Procedure shall be referred to the Office of the Provost. 

Any question of interpretation or application of the college procedure shall be referred to the dean of the college.