Grade Forgiveness

Grade Forgiveness is available to A&M-Central Texas undergraduate courses starting with the Spring 2013 term, and thereafter. This applies only to courses taken with A&M-Central Texas.

Grades received for any one entire semester of coursework taken at A&M-Central Texas, more than six (6) long semesters before a student’s current enrollment at A&M-Central Texas, may be excluded for computation in the total grade point average (GPA). This option may be exercised one time only and must be done before the degree is awarded

Students who wish to exercise this option must contact their academic advisor to determine the effect on completion of degree requirements. The academic advisor will initiate the request on the student’s behalf to the associate provost and senior associate vice president for Academic Affairs.  Once reviewed and approved, the Records and Admissions Office will exclude coursework from the student’s GPA calculation.  

When a student has exercised the forgiveness option, grades for the semester selected by the student will be excluded in computing the total institution and overall GPA. All courses and grades will continue to appear on the student’s transcript.  These courses and grades will be counted toward restrictions in total number of Q-drops, as well as calculations of fees for repeated courses and fees resulting from excess hours beyond the degree. In applying the option, all grades from the chosen semester are excluded from the GPA calculation, not just low or failing grades. Also, no classes taken in the semester being forgiven may be counted on the student’s degree plan. A student may not receive Grade Forgiveness if a degree has been awarded. A student seeking to exercise this option must be enrolled at A&M-Central Texas at the time the student requests the forgiveness option.

The GPA calculation with Grade Forgiveness is used for academic purposes only. GPA calculations used in Student Financial Assistance will include the excluded grades.