Returning students, sometimes referred to as former students or readmits, are students who previously attended A&M-Central Texas and wish to return to the university after sitting out more than one long semester. Students who sit out only one long semester are eligible for reactivation. Generally, returning students must follow the below steps in order to be considered for readmission to the university:

  1. Complete and submit an undergraduate application via ApplyTexas. 
  2. Pay the $30 nonrefundable application fee via your electronic application or pay by cash, check, money order, or credit card to the Business Office. 
  3. Submit official transcripts from every institution since lasted enrolled at A&M-Central Texas. 

Returning students who have not enrolled at any other college or university since last attending A&M-Central Texas will be readmitted to the university. Returning students who have enrolled at another college or university since last attending A&M-Central Texas must meet all general admission requirements. 

Exception to Readmission Requirements

In accordance with Texas Education Code § 51.9242 Readmission of Student Who Withdraws to Perform Active Military Service, A&M-Central Texas students who withdraw from the university to serve in active duty for the U.S. Armed Forces or the Texas National Guard are not required to complete the university application or pay an application fee if re-enrollment occurs within a year of separation from the military. For additional information, contact the Records and Admissions Office.

Readmission after Academic Suspension

Students who leave the university due to academic suspension may reapply and be readmitted post suspension. If admitted, returning students must meet with an Academic Advisor from their College. If the full length of suspension has elapsed, then the returning student’s academic standing is updated to “academic warning,” and the student will be permitted to continue enrollment. Returning students who have reapplied without serving the full length of the suspension must petition to re-enroll in coursework by following the academic suspension appeal process. Admission after suspension is not a guarantee of enrollment, and a refund of the application fee will not be granted should the suspension appeal be denied.

Readmission after Conduct Suspension

Students who leave the university due to conduct or behavioral concerns must submit a readmission and registration request to the Office of Student Conduct no earlier than the last four weeks of the semester or academic period prior to the semester of their intended re-enrollment. Students who are placed on conduct suspension are automatically blocked from registering for future semesters until a request has been approved by the Office of Student Conduct.

Reactivation Following Initial Semester of Non-Attendance

Immediately following their initial semester of non-attendance, former students may elect to receive a one-time re-activation, forego the re-application process and maintain their continuing student status at A&M-Central Texas. The re-activation must be for the immediate semester following the initial semester of non-attendance. Former students requesting re-activation must do so before the start of the semester they plan to re-enroll and must be in good academic standing in order to be eligible.