Vision, Values, and Goals


Texas A&M University-Central Texas will achieve national recognition as an upper-level university, offering high quality and affordable undergraduate and graduate educational programs to address regional and statewide needs.


Texas A&M University-Central Texas is a public, upper-level university offering baccalaureate and graduate degrees important to the region and the state.  It is committed to high quality, rigorous, and innovative educational programs delivered in a variety of instructional modes to a diverse student population through exceptional teaching, service, and applied scholarship. With an emphasis on community engagement, the university employs emerging technology to enhance student learning and to nurture its partnerships with regional community colleges, the military presence in its region, and the community at large. 

Core Values

Excellence and Achievement – We strive to continuously improve, innovate, and exceed expectations.

Compassion – We care about the feelings of others. When others are suffering, we empathize and offer help.

Integrity – We conduct ourselves in an ethical and respectful manner.

Knowledge – We provide educational experiences to encourage lifelong learning and intellectual curiosity.

Diversity – We respect and value both differences and similarities in our students, coworkers, and other stakeholders.

Initiative – We encourage the involvement and the contribution of each employee. We create a workplace where every employee can share a sense of ownership.

Collaboration – We develop and maintain partnerships to serve the needs of our students, faculty, staff, and external stakeholders.



  1. Develop and offer outstanding undergraduate and graduate programs that promote intellectual and personal growth, enhance student success, and respond to regional and statewide needs.

  2. Recruit, develop, and retain an outstanding faculty and staff that embody the core values of the university and support its mission.

  3. Provide a research infrastructure that supports the growth of applied research, creative activities, and scholarship.

Imperative Two:  STUDENT SUCCESS

  1. Promote degree completion and graduation rates through outstanding curricular and co-curricular programs, and by enhancing support for scholastic achievement and student success.

  2. Collaborate with community and technical college educational partners to align academic program transfer pathways.


  1. Prepare educated and engaged citizens that contribute to their communities and enhance the vitality of the region.

  2. Serve as a central hub for building regional partnerships and supporting community-based research to advance defined social and economic initiatives.


  1. Optimize the delivery of instruction and support services to support a highly mobile student population.

  2. Provide a high-quality education at an affordable price to support access to higher education for all qualified students that meet admission standards.

Imperative Five:  RESPECT FOR ALL

  1. Promote a campus climate that supports all members of the university community.

  2. Attract and retain a diverse and qualified student body consistent with our mission.