Graduate Student Course Load

Load for a full-time graduate student is 9 semester hours in the fall or spring semester. Summer loads are determined by the length of the summer session in which the student is enrolled. Note: These loads refer to registration status; see Enrollment Status Descriptions for Financial Aid requirements. 

Semester Hours 16 week (Fall/Spring) 10 week (Summer) 8 week session 5 week session
Max Load 16 hours 12 hours 9 hours 6 hours
Full Load 9 hours 6 hours 5 hours 3 hours

Enrollment Status Descriptions for Financial Aid: For financial aid purposes, enrollment requirements are the same for every semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer). Graduate students must be enrolled in at least 9 graduate-level credit hours to be considered full-time, 7 to 8 graduate-level credit hours to be considered three-fourths time, and 5 to 6 graduate-level credit hours to be considered half-time. 

Note: Loads in excess of the maximum require approval from the dean of the Graduate School.

Audit Policy

A student may audit regular academic courses, provided space and required instructional equipment are available.  A student may not audit regular academic courses offered online or on an independent-study basis.  No credit is granted, no examinations are required, and no grades are reported for an auditing student.  Attendance requirements, class preparation, and class participation are at the discretion of the instructor.  Submission of a completed Course Audit Request Form and payment of required fees must occur prior to the registration deadline.  Required fees include the audit fee and applicable course-related fees (i.e. lab, materials, field, etc.) as determined by the institution.  Fees associated with a course audit are nonrefundable unless the institution denies the audit request.