Graduate Admissions Requirements

Conditional Admission

Conditional admission is awarded to applicants who meet the following requirements:

  • For current A&M-Central Texas undergraduates: completion of the Quick Admissions application;

  • For new students: successful submission of a completed application through;

  • Attainment of a bachelor’s degree or higher from an approved accredited U.S. institution or the equivalent from a foreign institution;

  • If an applicant's GPA is between 2.5 and 2.99, students will be limited to 12 semester credit hours (SCH) of graduate coursework. If the student maintains a 3.0 GPA in this coursework, the student can be fully admitted and allowed to continue. Any GPA below a 3.0 after 12 SCH will result in dismissal from that program.

  • Proof of bacterial meningitis vaccination for students aged 21 and under.

Admission will not be granted to a student with a GPA less than 2.5 on the last 60 hours (to include all courses in the semester where the 60th hour occurs) for coursework completed. Students who know they have a GPA less than 2.5 on the last 60 hours (to include all courses in the semester where the 60th hour occurs) for coursework are encouraged to improve their GPA through the post-baccalaureate or non-degree seeking (NDS) option.

When a student entering the program on conditional admission has satisfied all conditions, he/she may be granted full admission after receiving a recommendation by the academic department. The graduate program coordinator will inform the student when he/she has obtained full admission. Conditional admission is intended for one semester only.

Applicants who, for reasons beyond their control, cannot provide official documents required for admission to the Graduate School by the time of initial enrollment may be admitted as a Conditional Admission/Requirements Not Met for one semester pending receipt of the required documents. If a graduate student does not submit all official documents within the first semester, the student will not be allowed to continue until the documents are on file.

With conditional admission, a student may proceed to take classes at a full load or lower each semester. All graduate students are encouraged to maintain a full load or lower to support full retention of learned skills. Students are conditionally admitted to the Graduate School at A&M-Central Texas.  Full admission occurs at the graduate program level.

Full Admission

Admission to any graduate degree program is subject to approval by the dean of the Graduate School, based on the recommendation of the respective department overseeing the proposed course of study. Full admission is granted to applicants who satisfy the following criteria:

  • Attainment of conditional admission status to the Graduate School at A&M-Central Texas.
  • Acceptance into the specific graduate program of interest.
  • Submission of a current degree plan on file.

For certain graduate programs, fulfilling additional program-specific requirements may be necessary to secure full admission. Conditional admission may be provided by the Graduate School until full admission criteria are met. For further details regarding specific graduate admission prerequisites, please consult the designated graduate coordinator. Contact information for coordinators is accessible through the Graduate School.

Full admission status permits graduate students to progress at maximum course loads or lower as desired. However, all graduate students are encouraged to maintain a full load or lower to facilitate the retention of acquired skills. While pursuing maximum loads, it is advisable for graduate students not to be concurrently engaged in employment.

Other Categories of Admission

Provisional Admission (A&M-Central Texas Undergraduates Only)

An undergraduate enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program at A&M-Central Texas may be eligible for provisional admission to the Graduate School. Provisional admission is awarded to applicants who meet all the following requirements:

  • Student must be within 12 hours of completion of a bachelor's degree;
  • Student has submitted a completed "Graduate Provisional Form"; and
  • Student has a minimum GPA of 3.0 on the last 60 hours (to include all courses in the semester where the 60th hour occurs) of undergraduate coursework.

Provisional admission allows undergraduate students to enroll in up to 12 credit hours of graduate coursework, with a maximum of 6 credit hours per semester. Registration for classes is facilitated through the Graduate School. Notably, no graduate coursework may be applied toward fulfillment of undergraduate degree requirements.

Provisional admission students must complete a Quick Admissions Application and meet university admission requirements when ready for admission to the Graduate School. It is important to note that provisional students are subject to graduate student policies and regulations.

Post-Baccalaureate Student

Post-baccalaureate admission offers prospective graduate students an opportunity to enhance their GPA if substantial GPA challenges hinder admission to the Graduate School. Post-baccalaureate students are bound by identical requirements and regulations as undergraduates; thus, they are obligated to adhere to the academic progress standards pertinent to undergraduates and are subject to identical probation/suspension policies.

Non-Degree Seeking Graduate Student

Applicants who indicate that they do not choose to seek a graduate degree but who hold a baccalaureate degree or higher from an accredited college may be enrolled in graduate courses as a non-degree seeking (NDS) graduate student. The NDS option also allows potential graduate students to improve their GPA.  

  • NDS graduate students are exempt from the requirement to submit GRE or GMAT scores. However, they must provide official transcripts demonstrating the completion of a bachelor’s degree or higher and good standing at the last attended institution.

  • NDS graduate students are permitted to enroll in up to 18 credit hours of coursework. However, they forfeit the entitlement to apply more than 12 credit hours toward an advanced degree at A&M-Central Texas.

  • NDS graduate students do not have a guarantee that coursework completed while in this status will be applicable toward degree requirements upon subsequent admission to a degree program. Evaluation for potential transfer of graduate courses is conducted on an individual basis.

Program Entry Requirements 

Most graduate degree programs at A&M-Central Texas have program entry requirements beyond those for general admission to the university. Students admitted to the university interested in one of these programs may be eligible to enroll in certain coursework prior to program entry. The number of courses a student may complete prior to official program entry may vary by department. For additional information regarding graduate degree programs offered at A&M-Central Texas, please see the Graduate Programs section of the catalog.