Graduate Grading System

Graduate degree credit is only granted for A, B, and C grades. A GPA of 3.0 or higher is required:

  1.  for all courses included in a degree plan;
  2.  for all the courses comprising the major field;
  3.  for the courses comprising the emphasis, if one is selected; and
  4.  as a cumulative institutional GPA on all courses.

Courses originally taken at A&M-Central Texas may not be repeated at another institution for degree credit. If a course is repeated at A&M-Central Texas, the better grade in the course shall be counted in computing the student’s GPA, except for the determination of Distinguished Graduate designation.

The grading system for graduate students is:

A Excellent, 4 grade points per semester hour
B Good, 3 grade points per semester hour
C Fair, 2 grade points per semester hour
D Not Passing for graduate coursework
F Failing
I Incomplete (under exceptional circumstances, see below)
IP In-progress (used for non-completed thesis coursework)
Q Withdrawal from course, no grade designated
W Withdrawal from university, no grade designated
WF Withdrawal failing from university (included in GPA)
P Pass
S Satisfactory
U Unsatisfactory
NG No credit

The lowest passing grade is a "C." Students should consider the fact that some universities and colleges do not accept a "C" in transfer.

A student who drops a course on or before the census date receives no grade, and the course will not be listed on that student’s permanent record.

The grade of "I" shall be recorded for a student only in cases of extraordinary circumstances. This entry is used only in the event the instructor and his/her department chair or college dean have concurred that the incomplete entry is justified. A grade of "I" must be made up by the end of the next long semester and in all cases before registering for the next sequential course. If this grade is not made up within the prescribed time limit, it automatically becomes an "F."

Internships in Education not completed during the first semester of registration will receive a letter grade of "I." Registration will be permitted for the following semester, at which time a letter grade will be awarded upon satisfactory completion of the required work. If the work is not completed during the subsequent semester, the "I" received the previous semester will become "NC," and a letter grade of "F" will be placed on the transcript for the subsequent semester's work.

Eligibility for Honors Graduation

Graduate students are not eligible for institutional honors. Graduate students are eligible for the Distinguished Graduate designation only. Students must earn a 4.0 GPA (A) in each initial attempt; repeated coursework will not be considered. Students with any transfer coursework below a 4.0 will not be eligible for this designation.