M.S. Leadership for Sustainability



The Leadership for Sustainability program is designed to prepare students for the leadership challenges that are inherent in all sectors: business, military, government, education, and nonprofit.  In so doing, the Leadership for Sustainability program embraces the call to bring social responsibility and environmental stewardship to the mission of organizations by embedding principles of sustainability into the core curriculum and by challenging students to explore the daunting task of creating learning organizations that simultaneously maximize employee well-being, social responsibility, and performance excellence—the triple bottom line.

The A&M-Central Texas Master of Science degree in Leadership for Sustainability is designed for busy adults who want to improve their knowledge, abilities, and skills in management.  The 30-hour program focuses on one of the most challenging responsibilities for management today—leading change.  Students gain the knowledge and skills that are applicable in business, the military, government organizations, and private not-for-profit organizations.

This program is suited for students who want:

  • To deepen their understanding of how organizations function;
  • To increase their academic credentials;
  • To increase their understanding of how to design and implement change within an organization;
  • To acquire the requisite 18 hours of graduate coursework needed to teach at the undergraduate level; and
  • To acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to help organizations through internal or external consulting.

Program Level Student Learning Outcomes

The student will be able to:

  • Formulate theoretical and practically insightful leadership responses to problems and issues encountered in a dynamic and complex business environment.
  • Recommend sustainable and socially responsible actions in relation to the complex array of stakeholders and systems within which organizations operate.
  • Synthesize information regarding the impact of globalization to inform cross-cultural or multi-national decisions and practices.

Entry Requirements

Students will be admitted into the MS Leadership for Sustainability program by the faculty once the following application criteria are met:

  • Successful admission to graduate school.

And the following: (submit directly to the Graduate School):

  1. GMAT scores (if required). Contact the graduate school to determine if required. 
  2. An essay of 500 words explaining your career goals and qualifications to be an asset to the program.
  3. Two professional letters of recommendation (contact graduate school for recommendation form).
  4. Resume or CV.

Admission Deadlines

Fall Semester

  • May 1st (Early deadline)
  • July 1st (Regular deadline)
  • August 1st (Not likely to be considered)
  • International Students:  March 1st

Spring Semester

  •  September 15th (Early deadline)
  •  November 15th (Regular deadline)
  •  December 15th (Not likely to be considered)
  • International Students:  July 15th

Summer Semester

  • February 15th (Early deadline)
  • April 15th (Regular deadline)
  • May 15th (Not likely to be considered for the upcoming summer)
  • International Students:  January 1st

Master of Science - Leadership for Sustainability Program Requirements

MGMT 5301Organizational Behavior3
MGMT 5302Sustainable Business: A One Planet Approach3
MGMT 5307Responsibilities and Ethics of Leadership3
MGMT 5308Designing Organizations for Sustainable Effectiveness3
MGMT 5309Global Leadership for Sustainability 13
MGMT 5310Leadership Formation and Development3
MGMT 5311Sustainable Operations & Services3
MGMT 5315International Management for Sustainability3
MGMT 5330Cross Sector Partnerships for Sustainability3
MGMT 5368Development & Change for Learning Organizations 23
Total Credit Hours30