M.S. Marriage and Family Therapy



The Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) master’s program prepares students to effectively serve family systems in a collaborative environment conducive for working within the broader health care system through learning, therapeutic practice and community involvement. Students learn ethical responsibility to ensure professional practices and develop personal and professional growth through intentional self-awareness and self-reflection.

Students participating in our practicums will have the real-world experience serving distressed families in the Central Texas region through The Community Counseling and Family Therapy Center, as well as our practicum site partners. Our program will maintain collaborative relationships with broader healthcare organizations and agencies and will place its students in those settings to develop a critical consciousness and a systemic framework necessary to serve area families.

Program level Student Learning Outcomes

The student will be able to:

Assess the influence of their social location and personal experiences on the conceptualization and intervention of cases. (SLO-1)
Demonstrate knowledge of current trends and research methods in the field of marriage and family therapy. (SLO-2)
Demonstrate systemic therapeutic techniques in practice. (SLO-3)
Demonstrate systemic practice consistent with the AAMFT Code of Ethics (SLO-4)
Demonstrate knowledge and appropriate application of classical and postmodern MFT theories. (SLO-5)

Entry Requirements

Students will be admitted into the M.S. Marriage and Family Therapy program by the faculty once the following application criteria are met:

·        Successful admission to graduate school.

·        Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution.

·        Preferred minimum GPA of 3.0.

·        Clinical/Work/Volunteer Experience: While specific experience is not required, previous related work experience may make an applicant more competitive.

·        Completed Counseling and Psychology Department Application.

·        Timely submission of admission materials.

Admissions Material

·        Departmental application.

·        Reference: One professional reference is required from a colleague or supervisor who can attest to the applicant's clinical knowledge, skill, and potential aptitude for graduate study. The recommendation letter must include address, phone number, and signature of the recommender. If a recommender prefers to submit an original, hard copy letter, please remind him or her that it must include an ink signature and be submitted in a sealed envelope.

·        Personal Statement: An essay describing your pertinent human services experiences and how they will enhance your development as a marriage and family therapist.

·        Resume/CV: A work experiences résumé or curriculum vitae.

·        Copies of any professional licenses currently held.

Master of Science - Marriage and Family Therapy Program Requirements

MFT 5301Introduction of Marriage and Family Therapy Theory3
MFT 5302Advanced Marriage and Family Therapy Theory3
MFT 5307Ethics in Marriage and Family Therapy3
MFT 5309Assessment and Treatment of Diverse Families3
MFT 5313The Person of the Therapist Identification3
MFT 5383Marriage and Family Therapy Pre-Practicum3
MFT 5350Marriage and Family Therapy Research Methods3
MFT 5351Diverse Couples Assessment and Treatment3
MFT 5352Gender and Sexuality in Marriage and Family Therapy3
MFT 5353Medical Family Therapy3
MFT 5356Combat Related Trauma3
MFT 5358Group Process in Marriage and Family Therapy3
PSYC 5304Human Development3
Choose 3 of the following Courses9
MFT 5355Treating Military Families
or MFT 5357 Common Factors in Marriage and Family Therapy
or MFT 5371 Advanced Couples Interventions
or MFT 5372 Relationship Education
or MFT 5380 Addiction in Marriage and Family Therapy
or MFT 5381 Adolescent in Family Therapy
or MFT 5382 Delinquency in Marriage and Family Therapy
or PSYC 5300 Behavioral Statistics
MFT 5090Marriage and Family Therapy Theory Comprehensive Examination0
MFT 5391Clinical Practicum I3
MFT 5392Clinical Practicum II3
MFT 5393Clinical Practicum III3
MFT 5394Clinical Practicum IV3
Total Credit Hours60