Undergraduate Micro-credentials

An undergraduate micro-credential provides marketable opportunities for undergraduate students with at least one specific overarching objective and student learning outcome. Micro-credentials are narrower in scope and shorter in duration than baccalaureate degrees and in some cases undergraduate certificates as well. Undergraduate micro-credentials are not “degree” programs. Students achieve a badge for the micro-credential if they earn a minimum GPA of 2.66, receive no grade lower than a C, and complete any additional requirements set by the awarding program.

COllege of Arts and Sciences

Asian Studies

The micro-credential in Asian Studies is an interdisciplinary undergraduate program that seeks to broaden cultural awareness of the diverse history, languages, and cultures of Asia. It provides students with a global perspective that is crucial in today's interconnected world and prepares them to become global citizens. By studying Asia from multiple disciplinary perspectives, such as history, literature, religion, politics, economics, and art, students gain a holistic understanding of the region, its dynamics, and its contributions to the world.

Choose 3 Courses from the list:9
Religions Across Asia
Ancient Civilizations of China
Film History
Special Topics in Sociology 1

ONLY SOCI 4389 Asian American Experiences or SOCI 4389 Contemporary Asia

College of Business Administration

Accounting Analytics

This  proposed three course micro-credential is intended for students outside the accounting major a deeper understanding of how to use both financial and managerial accounting information in the decision making process.

ACCT 3303Intermediate Accounting I3
or ACCT 3300 Accounting Concepts
ACCT 3301Accounting and Finance Data Analytics 13
ACCT 3302Cost Accounting3

Business Analytics & Intelligence

The micro-credential in Business Analytics & Intelligence program provides students fundamental knowledge and skills in data analytics methods & techniques and enables them harness the power of data for data-driven decision making. Business Analytics is the study of how organizations use data to analyze performance, make strategic decisions, and achieve business goals.

CIS 3302Introduction to Business Analytics3
Two courses from the following:6
Data Visualization
Web & Social Analytics
Data Mining


The micro-credential in Cybersecurity provides students the fundamental knowledge and skills required to secure organizational data and systems.

CIS 4341Information Technology Security and Risk Management3
Two of the following:6
Applied Security
Introduction to Computer Forensics
Computer Security Principles and Practices
Network and Systems Security
Security Trends and Malware Analysis

Financial Analysis

This micro-Credential is a three course cluster of courses intended to deepen  students understanding of financial decision making.

FIN 4300Advanced Financial Management3
FIN 4304Investments3
FIN 4307Analysis of Fin Statements3

Project Management

The micro-credential in Project Management delivers comprehensive knowledge of essential techniques and the fundamental concepts for successful cost-effective management of both long-term development programs and short-term projects.  Important areas of study include project risks and costs, as well as developing and sustaining appropriate communications while continuously engaging stakeholders within projects.  This micro-certification program follows the curriculum guidance of the Project Management Institute (PMI), and as a result this micro-credential helps prepare students for professional certifications such as the Project Management Professional (PMP) or the Certified Assistant in Project Management (CAPM).

MGMT 4370Introduction to Project Management3
MGMT 4371Managing Schedules, Earned Value, and Risk in Projects3
MGMT 4372Project Communication Management and Stakeholder Engagement3

Supply Chain Management

This micro-credential provides an opportunity to gain the professional knowledge and skills needed to conduct business in a supply chain, including purchasing and sourcing, manufacturing, warehouse management, and transportation logistics. This micro-credential is intended for individuals who are interested in entering and furthering their careers in all aspects of supply chain management.  Typical job titles which utilize the knowledge and skills delivered by this micro-credential include supply chain analyst, sourcing specialist, warehouse lead, and transportation coordinator, among others.  In addition, this micro-credential helps prepare students for professional certifications such as those offered by the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM) and the Council for Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP). 

MGMT 4321Production and Operations Management3
MGMT 4323Supply Chain Management3
MGMT 4324Transportation Logistics and Distribution3