Undergraduate Certificates

An undergraduate certificate provides training opportunities for undergraduate students. Certificates are narrower in scope and shorter in duration than baccalaureate degrees. Undergraduate certificates are neither “degree” programs nor teacher certification programs. Students wishing to be certified to teach at the elementary, middle school, or high school level should refer to the Teacher Certification Programs for Undergraduate Students. Students must apply to have undergraduate certificates noted on their transcripts. 

College of Business Administration


CIS 3347Data Communications and Infrastructure3
CIS 4341Information Technology Security and Risk Management3
CIS 3361Introduction to Computer Forensics3
CIS 4342Computer Security Principles and Practices3
CIS 4345Network and Systems Security3
CIS 4346Applied Security3
Total Credit Hours18

Data Analytics

CIS 3302Introduction to Business Analytics3
CIS 3306Data Visualization3
CIS 4302Web & Social Analytics3
CIS 4303Data Mining3
CIS 4352Structured Query Language3
CIS 4301Database Theory and Practices3
Total Credit Hours18