B.S. Mathematics

Common Courses (81 Credits)

Courses that are common to all concentrations may be applied to all. At least 120 hours are required for the degree.

General Education Requirements 1
Communication-010 2
ENGL 1301Composition I3
ENGL 1302Composition II3
MATH 2413Calculus I4
Natural Sciences-030
PHYS 2425University Physics I4
Select four hours of Natural Sciences 34
U.S. History-060
HIST 1301United States History I3
HIST 1302United States History II3
Political Science-070
GOVT 2305Federal Government3
GOVT 2306Texas Government3
University Option-090
CIS Elective3
Required Courses in the Major
MATH 2414Calculus II4
MATH 2415Calculus III4
MATH 3301Number Theory3
MATH 3309Algebraic Function3
MATH 3306Differential Equations3
or MATH 2320 Differential Equations
MATH 3310Discrete Mathematics3
MATH 3311Probability & Statistics I3
MATH 3315Mathematics & Technology3
MATH 3332Linear Algebra3
MATH 3350Principles of Bio-Statistics3
MATH 3370An Introduction to Linear Programming3
MATH 4302College Geometry3
MATH 4304Survey of Mathematical Ideas3
MATH 4304LSurvey of Mathematical Ideas Lab1
MATH 4309Advanced Analysis I3
MATH 4332Abstract Algebra3
Concentration Requirements (See Below)39
Total Semester Credit Hours120

Refer to General Education Core Requirements for more information.


Students in teacher certification preparation programs need to pass these courses with a "C" or better.


PHYS 2426 University Physics II is recommended.

Concentration Requirements

Without Teacher Certification Preparation

Concentration General Education Requirements
Select three hours of Humanities3
Visual and Performing Arts-050
Select three hours of Visual and Performing Arts3
Social and Behavioral Sciences-080
Select three hours of Social and Behavioral Sciences3
Required Courses in the Concentration
MATH 3360Numerical Analysis I3
Supporting Field 4
12 hours any level courses within the selected support field12
12 hours upper-level courses within the selected support field12
Computer Science Electives
Upper-level Computer Science elective3
Total Semester Credit Hours39

Courses for the support field should be chosen from an academic area in which mathematics is applicable and must be selected in consultation with the program coordinator or department chair.

With 7th-12th Grade Teacher Certification Preparation

Program faculty advisement is required prior to enrolling in secondary teacher certification preparation courses.

Concentration General Education Requirements
Sophomore English3
Visual and Performing Arts-050
Select one of the following
MUSI 1310American Music3
or HUMA 1315 Fine Arts Appreciation
or DRAM 1310 Introduction to Theatre
Social and Behavioral Sciences-080
PSYC 2308Child Psychology3
Required Courses in the Concentration
EDUC 3325Fundamentals of Bilingual and English as a Second Language Education3
SPED 3361Survey Exceptional Learners3
Required Courses for Professional Development
READ 3335Content Area Reading3
EDUC 3320Professional Development in Learner Centered Schools 43
EDUC 3330Professional Development II: Effective Instruction3
EDUC 4330Professional Development III3
EDUC 4335Issues in Professional Development3
EDUC 4691Clinical Teaching6
Additional Requirements
Choose one of the following:3
ENGL 3309Tech Writing & Document Design3
or Sophomore English
Total Semester Credit Hours42

A formal application for admission to the Teacher Education Program should be made by the student during course.

Admission Requirements to the Teacher Education Program include:

  • Complete the following courses with a C grade or better:

    • Twelve hours of English

    • College Algebra course

    • Education Psychology course

  • Complete 60 credit hours of overall course work

  • Complete 15 hours of course work related to Field of Study with at least a C grade and 2.75 GPA

  • Meet Texas Higher Education Assessment (THEA) requirements

  • Complete professional interview and writing sample

  • Complete content screening instrument

For further information contact Educator Preparation services.

Course Information and Schedule 

The Course Information page includes a complete list of courses and course descriptions. 

See the courses offered this semester using the Online Course Schedule.

Program-Level Student Learning Outcomes 

  1. Apply abstract mathematical ideas.

  2. Demonstrate effective problem solving.

  3. Apply mathematics to solve problems in other academic disciplines.

  4. Effectively and appropriately utilize mathematical technology to understand mathematical ideas and solve mathematical problems.

  5. Demonstrate knowledge necessary to earn certification from the State of Texas for students pursuing math teacher certification.